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What is the Best Tasting American Light Beer?

As many of you know who are familiar with my videos is that I enjoy drinking a few beers while cooking. Usually I am enjoying a specialty beer or an IPA from a independent brewery.

But since moving to Wisconsin I have noticed that many people here enjoy drinking the inexpensive American light Beers from the big major breweries. Since I never usually drink these type of Beers I thought it would be interesting to see which one I thought was the best tasting one. The only way to do that is to blind taste them, and rate them from best tasting to worst. My wife Monica also decided to join in and rate them as well.

So come join Monica and I as we rate these beers to determine which one is the best tasting. Needless to say we both were surprised at the results.

Watch my video below to watch my wife Monica and I blind taste these beers to determine which one we think is the best tasting.


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