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Smoked Beer Cheese Brat Burgers

Living in Wisconsin has given me a new appreciation for Bratwursts. They are a big deal here, and people love them, especially while Tailgating at Lambeau Field before a Green Bay Packers game. But when I saw my local butcher selling Beer Cheese Bratwurst Burgers I knew I had to try them. I smoked them and topped them with Onions and Sauerkraut, some spicy Mustard and then melted some Cheese on top. Everything I love about the Classic Bratwurst in a Burger. They were Awesome!


Bratwurst Burger Patties

2 sliced Onions


3-4 Tablespoons Butter

1 can of Beer

Spicy Mustard

Sliced Cheese (I used Provolone and Swiss)

Burger Buns

Salt & Pepper

Start by slicing the Onions and placing them in a foil pan. Add a few Tablespoons of Butter, and season with Salt & Pepper. Set aside.

Fire up your grill or smoker. Add the foil pan to heat up and soften the Onions. Stir occasionally. Add the Brat Burger Patties and allow to absorb some smoke. Add some Sauerkraut to the foil pan and top off with a Beer. Flip the Brat Patties after a while and continue to smoke.

Once the Onions are soften and heated up begin searing the Brat Patties directly over a flame. Add some sliced Cheese and allow to melt.

Assemble your Burgers by placing on your Buns, add some of the Onions and Sauerkraut, and top with Spicy Mustard. Serve and Enjoy!

To watch me make this recipe step by step simply watch my video below.


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