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How to Smoke a Turkey

Are you going to attempt smoking your first Turkey this Holiday Season? If so don't worry, it isn't very difficult if you follow the basics. First Dry-Brine the Turkey overnight in the fridge, then season up and smoke at 275-300 degrees until it reaches temperature. Let me show you easy it is to do yourself.


Turkey (I used a 13 pound one)

Dry Brine (Kosher Salt, or Rub that has Salt, I used SPG+Butter)

Turkey Rub (I used Herbacious Hen Rub)

Remove Turkey from packaging. Apply Kosher Salt or Rub all over the Turkey and inside the cavity. Place on wire rack inside your refrigerator overnight, or up to 20 hours. This will dry out the skin to allow it to get crispy while smoking.

Remove and season with your favorite Turkey Rub, then let sit while you prepare your smoker. Set temperature between 275-300 degrees. Add some fruit wood, such as Cherry or Apple. Smoke Turkey for about an hour or so before checking on it.

If skin starts to get to dark simply cover loosely with foil. Continue to cook until it reaches temperature of 165 in the Breast, and 175 in the Thigh. Remove and cover with foil and allow to rest for 15 minutes or so. Slice and enjoy!

To watch my make this recipe step by step, simply watch my video below.


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