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Food Tasting at Knott's Boysenberry Festival

Doing a different kind of video for you this time. I will not be cooking any food for you today. Instead I am going to sample many different kinds of food made with Boysenberries, at Knott's Berry Farm with the family.

Knott's Berry Farm started as a roadside stand selling Berries, Preserves and Pies in Buena Park California in the mid 1920s. By the 1940s, a restaurant, several shops, and other attractions had been constructed on the property to entertain a growing number of visitors, including a replica ghost town. The site continued its transformation into a modern amusement park over the next two decades.

Every year for a limited time Knott's Berry Farm has a Boysenberry Festival. Chefs come up with different and unique recipes each year, the only requirement is that is has to have Boysenberry in it. This leads to some very creative food dishes that you have never tried before.

Best part is how affordable it is. For $35 you get a card that entitles you to try 8 different samples of food. Pick eight different things, or 8 of one thing if you like, the choice is yours.

This video features our family day at Knott's Berry Park in Buena Park, California. We stuffed ourselves with so much Delicious and Unique Food, and the kids loved the rides that the Park offers.

Watch the video below to see our fun family day eating such great foods and enjoying ourselves.


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