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Father's Day Pig Roast and Hike

I had a wonderful time this Father's Day with my family. Despite the forecast of intense rain we took our chances and headed out to check out the free BBQ hosted by FatBack Barbecue. They smoked a whole Hog as well as an Alligator, as well as offering a wide variety of delicious side dishes. Top it off with free beer and what could you possibly not like about it? Thank you FatBack Barbecue for a fun afternoon!

Next we headed to the Leinenkugel Brewing Company. They are the local Brewery that has been operating here since 1867, and they were offering a free pint of beer for all Fathers, so we had to stop by.

After the beer we took a small hike down the trail that goes through the brewery, and we all had a wonderful time. It was a great day here in Wisconsin, and I hope you enjoy the footage from our day.

Check out my video below where I share the fun time we had this Father's Day!


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