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Easy Budget Friendly Smoked Ribs

Have you noticed how expensive Barbecue Seasonings and Rubs have gotten lately? You can easily spend anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars for a small plastic 10-12 ounce shaker bottle of your favorite Rub. But you do not need expensive seasonings to make delicious food. Today I show you how to smoke some delicious St. Louis style ribs with just three ingredients. Salt, Ground Black Pepper and a bottle of your favorite Barbecue sauce. Simple, easy and budget friendly.


1-2 racks of St. Louis style ribs

Kosher Salt

Ground Black Pepper

1 bottle of Barbecue Sauce

Start by removing the membrane from the back of your Ribs. Season both sides with Kosher Salt and Ground Black Pepper. Allow them to sit at room temperature while you fire up your smoker.

Set your smoker to 250 degrees and allow to come up to temperature. Place the Ribs on your smoker and cook until the internal temperature reaches 190-195 degrees. At that time apply some Barbecue Sauce to the Ribs. Continue cooking until they reach an internal temperature of 200-203 degrees.

Remove and cover with foil for 10-15 minutes. Slice and serve. Enjoy!

To watch me prepare this recipe step by step simply watch my video below.


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