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Christmas Time in the Northwoods

My family and I wanted to share our experiences enjoying the Christmas festivities in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. We moved here earlier this year, so all of these fun activities are brand new to us. We all couldn't be happier, and have settled in quite well in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. Come enjoy the small town fun with us as we celebrate Christmas time.

Our first stop is downtown Chippewa Falls, where we watch the annual Christmas Parade, featuring local businesses and people who have worked on homemade floats to participate in the parade. Many floats had parade participants who threw candy out to the many children who were attending.

Then we went down to Riverfront Park in Chippewa Falls. It is right along the Chippewa River, and has an outdoor area where people enjoy a wide variety of fun activities throughout the year. We got to see the lighting of the town Christmas Tree, and Ava Grace got to meet Santa Claus.

Finally we got to experience the Christmas Village in Irvine Park, which is also located in Chippewa Falls. This was the 34th year that local residents put up various displays and lights for all the residents of the city to enjoy. It was quite impressive! The best part was we were able to experience this in a horse drawn wagon that took us through the downtown area and Irvine Park. Although it was cold and lightly snowing, it was an experience I will never forget.

So join us as we experience our fist Holiday Season in the Northwoods of Wisconsin in Chippewa Falls. Watch my video below to see the Christmas fun we experienced this year.


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