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Bacon Wrapped Smoked Sea Scallops

Here is a very simple recipe to make some Delicious Smoked Sea Scallops wrapped in Bacon.


1-2 Pounds of Sea Scallops

1 Pound of Bacon

1 Lemon

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Tablespoon Smoked Paprika

Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder to Taste

Place the scallops down into a gallon sized ziptop bag and pour about 1 Tablespoon of olive oil down into the bag. Season with Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Smoked Paprika, and squeeze the juice of half a Lemon in bag as well. Mix well with hands and let marinate in Refrigerator for 1/2 Hour to an Hour.

Wrap Scallops in Bacon and cut to size. Try to use cooked Bacon from the Sous Vide method for best results. (147 Degrees for 8-24 Hours) Arrange on Smoker Rack and Season one last time with Smoked Paprika and Black Pepper.

It is imperative that these scallops cook at a low temperature to give them time with the smoke and to make sure that they do not get done too quick or overcook. Set up your smoker for cooking at about 210 to 220°F. Smoke for 45 Minutes to 1 Hour, or until internal temperature reaches 145 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Bacon Cream Sauce Ingredients:

1 Stick of Butter

1 Cup of Heavy Cream

Juice from Half a Lemon

1/2 Cup of Parmesan Cheese

2-3 Slices of Bacon

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

Cut Bacon into small pieces. Saute in Olive Oil until done. Remove and add Butter, Cream and Parmesan Cheese. Reduce heat and stir until reduced by half. Add Bacon pieces and mix in.

Serve Smoked Sea Scallops with Bacon Cream Sauce. Enjoy!

Watch my Video below where I show you the whole process, step by step.


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