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Sous Vide Garlic & Rosemary Pork Chops

Here is a very easy way to make some Delicious Pork Chops seasoned with Garlic & Rosemary.


Pork Chops (the Thicker the better)

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper


Garlic (minced)

Stick of Butter

Olive Oil

Season Pork Chops with Salt and Pepper. Allow to sit at room temperature while you saute some Butter and add some minced Garlic with some chopped Rosemary. Simmer for 2-3 minutes.

Pour the Butter mixture into the bag with the Pork Chops. Cook in the Sous Vide bath at 144 degrees for 2-4 Hours.

Remove from bag and dry off completely. Saute in a few Tablespoons of Olive Oil at a medium high heat to create a nice crust. After a few minutes flip the Chops over. Add the liquid from the bag and some more Butter and Rosemary, and continue to saute for another minute or two, until a nice crust is formed.

Slice and Enjoy!

Watch my video below where I show you how to make this dish step by step.


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