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Smoked Sous Vide Pulled Pork

I decided to add some extra smokey flavor to some pulled pork by smoking both before and after my sous vide cook, and I very very glad I did, as it came out absolutely amazing!


5-8 pound Pork Shoulder (sometimes called Boston Butt)

Your favorite BBQ Rub

Take the Pork Shoulder and rinse well with cold water. Apply the BBQ rub of your choice on all sides. Smoke for 2-3 hours, or until you are satisfied that a nice dark bark has formed.

Remove from smoker and allow to cool for a few minutes for easier handling. Carefully seal in a bag, making sure to double seal on both sides due to the long cook. Place in the Sous Vide bath at 154 degrees Fahrenheit for 18-24 hours.

Remove from bath and careful drain off the liquid in the bag. Place Pork Shoulder on rack and allow it to cook down for 20-30 minutes, usually the perfect time to fire up you smoker and allowing it to reach temperature.

Smoke the Pork shoulder a second time for 1 1/2-2 hours, or until you are satisfied with the bark that has developed. Remove from smoker and allow to cool for a few minutes to allow safer handling before you shred.

Shred the Pork with Claws or two Forks. You may rehydrate Pork with some of the juices you collected earlier when taking out of Sous Vide bags. You may thicken the juice on the stove top to reduce it down a bit, and add your favorite BBQ sauce to thicken up a bit. Enjoy!

Watch my video below where I show you the whole process, step by step.


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