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Chopped Italian Sandwich

When I go to a sandwich shop my usual order is an Italian. I love the combination of meats and cheese, topped with onions, lettuce and sliced tomatoes. Add some oil and vinegar and top with some pepperoncini peppers for what I consider a perfect sandwich.

Today I show you how to make your own Chopped Italian Sandwich, which guarantees you get a taste of all those delicious ingredients in every bite. Let me show you how to make one for yourself.


large french roll

thinly sliced Salami

thinly sliced Ham

Pepperoni slices

Provolone Cheese

shredded Lettuce

small Red Onion peeled & thinly sliced

sliced Tomatoes

Pepperoncini Peppers


Red Wine Vinegar

Olive Oil

Parmesan Cheese

Italian seasoning

Salt & Pepper to taste

Spread the lettuce out in an even layer on a large wooden cutting board. Next add the veggies in an even layer- onion slices, pepperoncini, and then sliced tomatoes. Layer the meats on next, followed by the cheese.

Add the mayo, vinegar, oil, and Italian seasoning directly on top of the meat. Using a sharp knife finely chop all of the ingredients, mixing them together as you continue to chop. Chop until they're all bite sized pieces of similar size and the mixture's creamy and evenly incorporated.

Apply some Oil and Vinegar to the inside of your French Roll. Stuff with the chopped ingredients. Season the top with Italian seasoning. Serve and enjoy!

To watch me make this recipe step by step simply watch my video below.


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