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Smoked Sous Vide Pork Belly

One of the reasons I love cooking Sous Vide is because you can achieve results that are just not possible with any other cooking method. Today I cook a Pork Belly for 24 hours using Sous Vide, then smoke it for a couple hours to add some smokey flavor. Believe me when I say you have never experienced Pork Belly like this, unless you cook it like this. Let me show you how.


5-6 pound Pork Belly

Salt & Black Pepper

Start by cutting a criss cross pattern on the fat side of your Pork Belly. Next season well with Salt and Black Pepper. Seal in a vacuum bag, making sure to double seal on both sides since this is a long cook. Place in your Sous Vide bath at 160 degrees for 12-24 hours. Make sure to cover your container so water will not evaporate.

Remove the bag and shock chill in some ice water, or throw into the snow to quickly cool it down. Place in your fridge until you are ready to smoke.

Remove from bag and re-season if necessary. Smoke at 225-250 degrees for a few hours until the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Remove and cover for 10-15 minutes. Slice and enjoy!

To watch me prepare this recipe step by step simply watch my video below.


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