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Double Smoked Sous Vide Beef Brisket

Here is a foolproof way to make a delicious Smoked Sous Vide Beef Brisket.


Beef Brisket (Whole Packer, Point of Flat)

Kosher Salt

Ground Pepper

Trim Brisket. Apply even amounts of Salt and Pepper on Beef Brisket. Cold Smoke Brisket for 2-3 hours, or until it takes on a nice smokey color.

Vacuum Seal inside bag and cook Sous Vide for 24-36 Hours at 155 Degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove from bag, dry off and apply a light dose of Salt and Pepper. Heat slowly on Smoker, Grill or Oven at 225-275 Degrees Fahrenheit for 2 1/2 -3 Hours, or until nice Bark forms on Brisket. Slice and Enjoy!

To see my video showing you the whole process, step by step, just click the play button below.



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