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The World's Largest One Day Tubing Event! FATFAR

Today I take a break from cooking to enjoy a beautiful summer day with my family in Wisconsin. What better way is there to enjoy the day than floating down the Chippewa River in a tube and participating in the World's Largest One Day Tubing Event called FATFAR, which stands for Frenchtown's Annual Tube Float and Regalia.

This is the 45th year of this event, and It draws hundreds – sometimes thousands – of participants, who typically launch their tubes (or other floating/inflatable objects) into the river in Chippewa Falls and wind their way downstream to Loopy’s Saloon and Grill.

Don't worry if you don't own a tube, because you can rent them from Loopy's, who will then shuttle you several miles upstream and drop you off near Main Street. From there sit back in your tube and enjoy a beer, as one of the tubes is for holding an ice chest that you fill with your favorite beverages and snacks. Enjoy the scenery and have fun on your 3-4 hour journey floating down the river.

Eventually you will end up back at Loopy's Saloon, where you can sit back and enjoy a live band and some delicious food and drinks after your afternoon adventure. It is truly an amazing experience seeing all the creative floats people have made specifically for this event. Everyone has a blast, and this will definitely become a yearly tradition for my family and I.

Watch my video below where you can enjoy the day with us and experience the best of a Wisconsin summer day floating down the Chippewa River.


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