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Sub Zero Prime Rib

This morning I woke up to discover it was -15 degrees below zero. This is the coldest weather my family and I have experienced since moving to Wisconsin last year.

Despite the cold weather I realized I had to go out, as I had nothing to make for dinner.

Uncertain if my car would even start, I decided to face the cold weather and walk with my wife and daughter, (who we will pull along in a sled) down to the end of our street and visit our local butcher and find something to get for dinner.

Luckily for us they had some Black Angus Prime Rib for sale, so I picked up a 6 pound piece and headed home to prepare an awesome dinner.

So come join us as my family and I tackle the cold weather and enjoy some sub-zero Prime Rib.

Watch my video below where you can experience our sub-zero Prime Rib, as it was Awesome!


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