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Sous Vide Searing on a Budget with a Propane Torch

Are you looking for an inexpensive alternative for searing meat after Sous Vide cooking that won't cost you hundreds of dollars? Something powerful enough to sear quickly and efficiently yet is very inexpensive? Then you need to check out my review of the Greenwood Propane Torch.

The basic model cost just $19.99, while the more expensive one that I reviewed comes with an automatic igniter and cost just $29.99.

Will either of these Propane torches get the job done?

Will it work as well as a Searzall or a Grillblazer Gun?

Can you get similar results from a Propane Torch that costs so little compared to the more well known brands?

Watch my video below to see the results you can get with an inexpensive Propane Torch.


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