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Smoking Ribs on a Warm Winter Day

After 3 months of freezing weather here in Wisconsin I finally heard some news that made me happy. According to the weather forecast my next day off the temperature will be 43 degrees with sunny skies! I knew what I had to do right then. Smoke some Ribs!

I hadn't pulled my Pit Barrel Cooker out of the garage in months, and was excited about firing it up and smoking some Baby Back Ribs! That is exactly what I did.


A couple racks of Baby Back Ribs

Rub of your choice (I used Luvafoodie Barbecue Lovers)

Barbecue Sauce of your choice

Remove the membrane from the back of the Ribs. Season with the Dry Rub of your choice. Allow the ribs to sit at room temperature to allow the Rub to soak into the meat.

Light some charcoals and place in the basket of your PBC. Add a piece of your favorite wood, I used Cherry. Hang the racks of Ribs and cook for 2-3 hours until done.

During the last 30 minutes brush some Barbecue Sauce on the ribs and cook to allow the Sauce to caramelize. Serve and enjoy!

Watch my video below to see me make this recipe step by step.



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