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Smokey Bacon Cheeseburgers

Here is a way to take your ordinary Cheeseburgers and turn them into something absolutely Delicious! This recipe comes from my local butcher who told me the secret on how to make the most smokey and flavorful burgers you have ever tried. Cook them with your sous vide circulator and then finish them off on the grill for a special treat that will impress your family and friends.


Lean Ground Beef

Smoked Bacon (I used end pieces I got from my butcher)

High Temperature Cheese (cut into small pieces)

Salt & Black Pepper to taste

Burger Buns

Toppings of your choice

Start by grinding your Smoked Bacon pieces. Mix it well with your lean Ground Beef and Cheese by hand. Be careful not to over mix, just try to evenly blend them together.

Form your burger patties by hand or by using a burger press. Place the patties in a freezer bag and sous vide cook at 135 degrees for 1-4 hours.

Remove and dry off the patties very well with some paper towels.

Finish them off by searing them on a hot grill, or frying pan. Don't forget to add your favorite sliced cheese. Top with your toppings and enjoy!

Watch my video below where I show you how to make this recipe step by step.


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