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Smoked Sous Vide Select Prime Rib

Is the lower USDA grade of Select beef worth the lower price? Is it possible to turn a lower grade piece of meat into something spectacular? That is the question I seek to answer with this cook. I take a 4 bone "Select" grade prime rib and see what I can do with some smoke and sous vide cooking.


4 Bone 10 pound "Select" grade Prime Rib

Kosher Salt

Black Pepper

Garlic Powder

Fresh Rosemary

Fresh Thyme

Take the Prime Rib and generously coat with Kosher Salt. Mix equal amounts of Black Pepper and Garlic Power and coat as well.

Cold Smoke for 2-3 hours. Seal in vacuum bag and sous vide cook for 14 hours at 136 degrees. Remove and ice chill for a few hours, or overnight.

Heat up Prime Rib back to 136 degrees, slowly on a smoker or grill. Use wood chunks or chips to add a nice smokey flavor.

Remove and let rest for a few minutes. Slice and enjoy!

Watch my video below where I show you this recipe, step by step.


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