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Smoked Shotgun Shells

These Smoked Shotgun Shells are named that because of their uncanny resemblance to the real thing, but boy are they extremely tasty! Make them the night before and simply throw them on your smoker the next day for a wonderful appetizer. Let me show how easy it is.


Manicotti Shells

Ground Beef or Pork Sausage

Luvafoodie Meat Lovers Spice Blend (or Rub of your choice)

Lots of shredded Cheese (I used Sharp Cheddar and Colby Jack)

Bacon (get the thin slices)

BBQ Sauce of your choice

In a mixing bowl combine the Ground Beef or Sausage and season well with the rub of your choice. Add a good amount of Cheese and mix well with your hands. Stuff the meat mixture into the shells. I also stuffed some cheese chunks into the center as well.

Next wrap the Shells with a Bacon piece. Stretch the piece to cover the Shell as much as possible. Apply some more of the Rub of your choice on the top. Place in your refrigerator for an hour all the way up to overnight to allow the meat to soften the shells.

Place on your smoker and cook at 240-270 degrees for about an hour. Then turn them over and continue to smoke for another 45 minutes or so. Apply BBQ sauce and turn up the Smoker temperature so you can caramelize the sauce. Remove and enjoy!

Watch my video below where I show you how to make this recipe step by step.


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