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Smoked Baby Back Ribs using the 3-2-1 Method

Rinse ribs with cold water, pat dry. Remove back membrane. Cut into manageable pieces consisting of 4-5 ribs per piece. Apply dry rub of your choice. Let them sit in the refrigerator overnight.

Smoke your ribs directly on the racks for 3 hours at 225 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove the ribs from the racks and tightly wrap them in aluminum foil. Before closing the aluminum foil pocket, pour a little apple juice, wine, beer, or any other favorite flavor (about 1/8 of a cup) into the packet to enhance the steam process that will tenderize the ribs. Place them back in the smoker or oven for 2 hours. Remove the ribs and liberally coat both sides of the ribs with BBQ sauce. Heat on grill or broil in over at high temperature (400 degrees) for 10-15 minutes.


Watch my video below where I show you step by step how to smoke these delicious Baby Back Ribs.


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