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Searing Rib Eye Steaks with the GrillGun

Check out this Awesome new BBQ Accessory I received from Bob Healey over at GrillBlazer.

They make two different types of high powered propane torches. A small gun mainly intended to sear meat after you sous vide cook it, and the larger GrillGun, which in addition to searing meat has a longer length perfect for starting fireplaces, grills, or anything else you need to ignite.

Don't be fooled that it is powered by a small 1 gallon propane tank, this thing is seriously powerful, and a blast to use. Holding the GrillGun and igniting the 400,000 BTU torch is quite the experience.

You can light charcoal in about a minute, and you will never fumble with tinder trying to light a campfire with a lighter ever again. This GrillGun will get that fire going in no time!

Having four Sous Vide cooked Bone-In Rib Eye Steaks was the perfect way to check out what this GrillGun could do.

Go check out both the Su-V Gun and the GrillGun over at GrillBlazer. They are amazing and fun torches to use that you will love. I highly recommend! GrillBlazer Website:

Check out my video below where I use the GrillGun to sear some Bone-In Rib Eye Steaks.


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