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Review of the Vevor Portable Fridge/Freezer

I never thought I had a need for this, until I used it. Who doesn't need a portable Fridge/Freezer that you can take anywhere? This Cooler is perfect for so many situations, whether you are camping, boating, or just hanging out around the fire pit at home. It is nice to have cold beverages anywhere, and without the need of getting bags of ice constantly.

You can also turn this Cooler into a sub Zero Freezer. Need to take some frozen items on your next road trip or camping adventure? This will help you do that. This Cooler has the ability to get to negative -4 degrees below Zero Fahrenheit, which will keep anything frozen solid.

You control the modes and temperature via the digital panel. It also has an App that you can use via your phone to control the temperatures.

Watch the video below to see what I think about the Vevor Portable Fridge/Freezer.



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