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Review of the Erickhill Rook 600SP Infrared Thermometer

One thing I learned from cooking in that you always cook to temperature, not to time. That is why an instant read thermometer is a necessity when cooking, especially when grilling or smoking. Without one you risk over cooking or under cooking you food.

In order to assure you cook your food properly you also need the ability to check the temperature of what your cooking on. For example if you are trying to sear a steak on your grill between 400-500 degrees, how are you suppose to check that temperature on your grill?

This is where an infrared thermometer becomes a necessity as well. With one you can quickly check temperatures from a safe distance, and know exactly how hot your cooking surface is. With its high accuracy and speed, an infrared thermometer is great for monitoring both near-surface and deep-down temperatures quickly and easily.

Today I check out the Erickhill Rook 600SP Infrared Thermometer. Is it something I would recommend? Watch my video below to find out what I think.



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