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Pulled Pork with Bluegrass BBQ Gourmet BBQ Sauce

I decided to smoke a couple of Pork Butts on my Pit Barrel Cooker so I could make some Pulled Pork sandwiches and try some Bluegrass Bar-B-Que Gourmet Bar-B-Que Sauce. Thanks to Greg Laramore for sending me a couple a bottles to try.


1-2 Pork Butts

Rub of your choice

Apple Juice (For keeping Pork moist while cooking)

Cole Slaw

Hamburger Buns

Bluegrass Bar-B-Que Sauce (mild or hot)

Season your Pork Butts with the rub of your choice. Make sure to cover all sides generously. Place 2 hooks in each Pork Butts. Fill basket with charcoals and remove 20-30 and light in chimney starter.

Pour lit charcoals into center of basket. Hang Pork Butts from rods in your Pit Barrel Cooker. Add some wood for smoking if desired, I used a few pieces of Hickory.

Cook for several hours until a nice dark bark is formed on the outside, and internal temperature is near 160 degrees. Remove and wrap in foil with some additional rub and some around 1/2 cup of liquid, I used Apple Juice.

Place back on grate in Pit Barrel Cooker and continue cooking until internal temperature reaches 198-203 degrees. Either wrap them in a towel or place in pan in oven (turned off) and allow to rest for at least 25 minutes but up to several hours.

Shred Pork and make your Pulled Pork Sandwiches. Make sure to use Bluegrass Bar-B-Que Sauce. Links below to their Facebook page for ordering, or call the number below and ask for Greg Laramore.

Bluegrass Bar-B-Que Facebook page:

Bluegrass Bar-B-Que, Greg Laramore

206 Taylor Avenue

Greensburg KY 42743

(270) 573-3233

Watch my video below where I show you how mo make this recipe step by step.



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