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Lou Malnati's Frozen Deep Dish Pizza Review

One of my favorite things to eat is Pizza. Since I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago I have had many Deep Dish Pizzas over the years. One of my favorite restaurants that serves Deep Dish Pizzas in Lou Malnati's. Nothing beats enjoying their Pizza fresh out of the oven at one of their restaurants.

Unfortunately most of their restaurants are within the Chicago area, so I don't get to enjoy them quite as much as I would like, therefore it is a special treat to have when I am visiting Chicago.

Thanks to my Dad I now get to enjoy one of their Pizzas at my home. He purchased me a couple of Pizzas from them that are flash frozen and can be shipped to anywhere within the United States.

So how do these Pizzas compare to the restaurant ones? Are they worth purchasing as a special treat if you have a craving for one, but live hundreds of miles away from a restaurant? That is what we will find out today. Simply watch my video below to find out what my family and I think of Lou Malnati's frozen Deep Dash Pizza.


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