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English Muffin Breakfast Sandwiches

One of my favorite things to cook on my Blackstone Griddle is Breakfast Sandwiches. Mainly because they taste so good, and as a bonus they are very easy to make. You can cook them with the burners on low as well, so no need to stress on burning or over-cooking anything. Add some hash browns and you have a delicious meal your whole family will love!


English Muffins

Sliced Ham


American Cheese Slices



Start by heating your Griddle on low. Lather both sides of your English Muffins with Mayonnaise. Toast on the Griddle for a few minutes until they are golden brown, remove and set aside.

Next place your ham sliced on the Griddle and cook for a few minutes until they are browned. Make sure to flip the pieces to ensure even cooking. When done remove and set aside.

The last step in to cook the eggs. If you have some egg rings it makes the process much easier. As the eggs are cooking place the muffins and ham back on the Griddle to heat up.

When the eggs are done start assembling your sandwiches. Place a slice of cheese on top and allow it to melt. You can cover and add some water to steam and speed up the process. Remove and enjoy!

To see me make this recipe step by step click on the video below.


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