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Drive In Concert Experience with the Fab Four

I thought I would share a personal family experience with my viewers this time instead of the usual cooking video. This Quarantine has us all a bit stressed out, especially since we are unable to do anything fun, like attend sport games or concerts.

But I discovered a new way to attend a live concert with my family, that lets us enjoy a shared group experience while remaining perfectly safe and protected from Covid-19.

For those of you my age you will fondly remember the Drive-In movie. A place where you could park your car and enjoy a movie with you family, or alone with someone special. It seems to have disappeared these days due to technology like the internet and streaming movies and concerts.

But now a completely new experience has been created that combines the drive-in movie with a live concert.

Is this the new normal for seeing concerts? How was the experience?

What did my family and I think about attending a Drive-In Concert? Was it fun and exciting? Or did the experience fall short?

Watch my video below to see my experience attended a drive-in concert.



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