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Culver's CurderBurger Review

Ever since my family and I moved to Wisconsin just over a year ago I discovered two things. The first was the restaurant called Culver's, known for their delicious ButterBurgers. The second was Cheese Curds. They are little deep fried Cheese nuggets, and they are amazing, and available at many places here in Wisconsin.

So when I heard that Culver's was offering a CurderBurger for a limited time, I knew my family and I had to go try them. What exactly is a Curderburger? Well it is a gooey, golden Wisconsin Cheese Curd Crown stacked on their signature Deluxe ButterBurger - it's as Wisconsin as it gets.

Come join my family and I as we review the new CurderBurger from Culver's. Simply click on the video below to see what we think.


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