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Cooking with Kyle, Smoked Pulled Pork

Recently my son Kyle asked me if I could teach him the basics of how to Barbecue and Smoke. It was the first time he ever had shown an interest in this. I am happy to teach him, as it has become a passion of mine. So I am very excited to share with him the fun of cooking some awesome food!

For his first lesson I decided to teach him something very easy, and hard to screw up. Smoked Pulled Pork is a basic recipe that requires minimum skill, so it is the perfect first cook to teach him. Join me and my son Kyle as I teach him how to make some Smoked Pulled Pork.


Pork Shoulder

Yellow Mustard

Rub of your choice

Rub the Pork with some Mustard. Next season with the BBQ Rub of your choice. Hang hooks on both sides, and hang in your Pit Barrel Cooker.

Cook until it reached a temperature of 160-165 degrees. Remove and wrap in foil with a bit more rub, liquid (Beer, Fruit Juice or Stock) and place back in Pit Barrel on top of grate and continue cooking until temperature reaches 200-203 degrees.

Let rest covered with foil for 30-60 minutes. Shred with claws or a couple of big forks. Add some juices from the foil for flavor. Enjoy!

Watch my video below if you want to see me and my son Kyle make this recipe, step by step.



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