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Cooking with Kyle, Smoked Chuck Roast

Nothing makes me happier than teaching my son Kyle how to Barbecue and Smoke. Since he has only cooked with me a few times I decided to go with another recipe that is very hard to screw up. Smoking a Chuck Roast for Pulled Beef. It is both easy to cook and comes out delicious.


Beef Chuck Roast

Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder

BBQ Rub of your choice

1 Onion, sliced

4 cups Beef Broth

50/50 mix of Apple Cider Vinegar & Water to spritz

Start by seasoning the Chuck Roast with Salt, Pepper and Garlic Powder. Make sure to cover all the sides. Then season with your favorite BBQ rub. Be careful not to use a overly salty BBQ rub, as you already applied salt. Allow to sit on the counter while you fire up you smoker.

Heat you smoker to 225-250 degrees. Use the wood of your choice for smoke. Spritz the meat every 45 minutes to an hour. Smoke until the internal temperature reaches 160-165 degrees, and you are happy with the bark.

Remove the Roast. Take the drippings and pour into a pan with the sliced Onion. Pour in the Beef Broth in and place the Roast in. Cover tightly with foil. Place back on smoker and continue to cook until the internal temperature reaches 200-203 degrees. Feel free to increase the temperature of your smoker to help speed up the cooking time. This can take anywhere from 6-10 hours to cook depending on the size of your Roast.

Remove and allow to sit covered for at least 20 minutes. Shred and enjoy!

To watch Kyle and I cook this recipe just watch the video below.


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