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Cooking with Kyle, Smoked Bacon Wrapped Brats

My son Kyle asked me a while back if I could teach him to smoke and Barbecue. I am starting with very simple and easy recipes, and will slowly work up to more complicated ones over time. Today I teach him how to smoke some Bacon Wrapped Bratwursts.

Although this recipe is very easy, it is packed full of flavor, and certainly is an improvement over the basic Hot Dog. Come join me as I show him how easy it is to make delicious food.


Fresh Bratwursts


Start by splitting the Brats lengthwise and then mold two of them together with your hands to form one larger Bratwurst. Then wrap with 2-3 slices of Bacon.

Place on your smoker and smoke them using Cherry, Apple or other light Fruit Wood for 2 Hours, or until Internal Temperature reaches 160-165 Degrees.

If needed go ahead and crisp up the bacon over direct flame for a few minutes. Serve and enjoy.

To watch me show my son Kyle how to make Bacon wrapped Brats simply watch my video below.



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