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Cooking with Kyle, Beer Can Chicken

In my quest to teach my son Kyle the basics of smoking and barbecuing I decided to teach him how to smoke a Beer Can Chicken. This recipe is extremely simple, get a Chicken, a Beer Can and the BBQ Rub of your choice. Not only is it fun to cook, but the Chicken looks so good standing upright. This also allows all sides of the Chicken to absorb some smoke and for the skin to get crispy.


Whole Chicken

Beer Can (I also recommend a Beer Can Chicken Holder)

BBQ Rub of your choice

Start by removing your whole Chicken for the packaging. Rinse well and make sure the cavity is empty. Place a Beer can with around 1/3 of the Beer removed into a Beer Can holder and sprinkle some Rub inside. Carefully place the Chicken on the Beer Can. Season well on all sides with your BBQ rub.

Cook on your smoker at a temperature of 275-300 degrees. I recommend using a fruit wood, like apple or cherry. Cook until the internal temperature of the Chicken reaches 165 degrees. Remove and cover with foil for 10-15 minutes. Serve and enjoy!

To watch my son Kyle and I cook this recipe simply watch my video below.



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