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Cooking Rib Eye Steaks Perfectly with Sous Vide

Kyle and I enjoy some perfectly cooked Bone-In Rib Eye Steaks.

Rub each Steak with a Rub consisting of equal parts Salt, Pepper, Garlic Powder and Onion Powder. Seal or place in bag with a Teaspoon of Olive Oil and a Butter Slice. Cook according to your preference:

129 Degrees Fahrenheit for Rare

136 Degrees Fahrenheit for Medium

154 Degrees Fahrenheit for Well Done

Cook for a minimum of one hour, but no more than two hours total. Remove from bag, pat dry with paper towels. Sear on hot grill or fry in pan for a few minutes each side. Serve and enjoy!

Watch my video below showing you the whole process, and how easy it is!


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