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Breakfast Burritos on the Blackstone Griddle

I love a big Breakfast Burrito. Everything I love about breakfast wrapped up in a warm flour Tortilla. So easy to eat on the go because you can hold it with one hand. Let me show you how to make an excellent Breakfast Burrito on your Blackstone Griddle.


Bacon (chopped)

Sausage (chopped)

Ham (diced)

Onion (diced)

Green Pepper (diced)

Red Potatoes (diced)

Garlic (minced)

Eggs (scrambled)

Shredded Cheddar Cheese

Half & Half

Large Flour Tortillas

Salt & Pepper

Start by heating up your Griddle to low heat. Fry the Bacon and Sausage until almost done, around 6-7 minutes. Add the Ham and mix together. Move to the cool side of your Griddle.

Next use some of the Fat left from cooking the Bacon and Sausage and spread on the Griddle. Fry the diced Potatoes, Onion and Pepper. When they are browned you can mix in the Bacon, Sausage and Ham. Remove from the Griddle and place in a foil pan and let it stay warm on the far side of the Griddle.

Next cook the eggs. Make sure to mix constantly to ensure even cooking. When the eggs are almost done add some Cheddar Cheese on top. Remove and place on top of the Potato and Sausage mixture.

Next add some Cheese to your Tortilla. Add some of the meat mixture and eggs. Top with more Cheddar Cheese, and add some of your favorite Salsa. Wrap up and enjoy!

To see me cook this recipe simply watch my video below.


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