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Beer Bratwursts on the Gas Grill

Sometimes you need a very simple meal to cook, especially when you just moved into a new house and are exhausted and busy unpacking. Not only is this meal easy, it is a classic Wisconsin dish to make. Seems very appropriate for my first cooking video at our new house. Let me show you how to make some Beer Bratwursts on your gas grill.



2 Onions

2 cans of Beer

4 Butter slabs

Start by placing some sliced Onions in a foil pan. Season with Seasoning Salt. Place a few slabs of Butter on top. Place on your gas grill over low heat, stirring occasionally. We want to melt the butter and allow the Onions to soften a bit, so give it some time.

After 15-20 minutes move to the side and keep over low heat. Turn the other side to medium and allow to heat up. Sear the Bratwursts for a few minutes on each side. The purpose here is not to fully cook, but to all some color and sear marks.

Once you are satisfied with the color of your Brats fill your pan with a couple of beers and place them on top. Allow to come to a simmer while stirring occasionally. We want the Onions to soften up a bit more in the simmering beer. This also ensures that the Brats will be fully cooked.

When done place the Brats in buns and top with the Onions. Finish by topping with your favorite Mustard. Serve and enjoy!

To watch my prepare this recipe simply watch my video below.


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