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BBQ Dragon Grill Stone First Impressions with a Pizza

George from the company BBQ Dragon was nice enough to send me his Grill Stone and Rotating Grill Grate for free in exchange for a video review.

This Grill Stone seems like a perfect way to turn you Kettle Grill into a more efficient Smoker by stabilizing the temperature inside the Grill by evenly distributing the heat, without risking burning whatever you cooking by not allowing it to be exposed to hot charcoal.

My first cook I decided to try to cook a Pizza on it. I also decided not to put hot charcoals directly under the Stone, as I was trying to prevent the Stone from getting too hot and burning the bottom of the Pizza Crust. In hindsight I would have used more charcoal to allow the Kettle Grill to heat up to a hotter temperature to allow for faster cooking.

I made the Pizza for my son Kyle, and it was a success! He said cooking it on the Kettle Grill gave it a smokey flavor that you normally don't get cooking it in the oven.

I look forward to more cooks using the BBQ Dragon Grill Stone, as it seems like an excellent addition to anyone who owns a Kettle Grill. Thanks again to George from BBQ Dragon for providing me with the Stone and rotating Grill Grate free of charge for this review.

Click the video below to see me cook a Pizza using the BBQ Dragon Grill Stone.


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