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Rotisserie Cornish Game Hens

I decided to try to cook some Cornish Game Hens. Since I had good results cooking a Chicken in my Ronco Showtime Rotisserie Oven, it was an easy choice to try it again. Best part is I picked up this little Oven for only $8 at a local Wisconsin auction. Will it make good Cornish Game Hens? Lets find out.


2 Cornish Game Hens

Seasoning of your choice ( I used Simon BBQ Honey Rub)

Super easy recipe. Either use some kitchen twine to tie up the Hens, or use the technique I show you in the video. Season with the rub of your choice. Carefully place the Hens on the skewers and place into the Rotisserie Oven. Turn on and set the timer for 45 minutes.

Check the temperature at 45 minutes. If less than 170-175 degrees cook a bit longer, all the way up to an hour may be necessary.

When done remove and let cook for a few minutes, slice and serve. Enjoy!

To see how I make this recipe step by step watch my video below.


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