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The Luvafoodie Grill Basket

One of the difficulties of grilling vegetables is worrying about them falling through your grill grates. The solution is using a Grill Basket. That way you still get the wonderful flavors of grilled vegetables without the stress of them falling through the grates and ending up on the bottom of your grill.

The Luvafoodie Grill Basket is the solution to that problem. As a bonus you get four Awesome seasonings with your Grill Basket! These seasonings will kick up the flavor of anything you are grilling.

Today I grill some fresh vegetables and season them with the Garlic Lovers Seasoning. I also season some Shrimp Skewers with the Seafood Lovers Seasoning. So quick and easy to do, yet so delicious!

I would highly recommend the Luvafoodie Grill Basket that comes with these four Awesome Seasonings!

To watch me prepare these awesome grilled vegetables using the Luvafoodie Grill Basket simply watch my video below.


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